The Rarest Black Calcite Source ...

Rare North American Black Calcite ...

In 2005, a rare deposit of unusual Black Calcite was discovered on a remote and privately-owned wilderness ranch in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado USA.

Used by prehistoric tribes, and now registered by us as SHAMANITE®, this distinct material resembles the best Jet -- dark, warm,lustrous and easily worked. Petrographic, scientific and GIA reports will continued to be published on this website as more data is revealed.

This Black Calcite material, containing varieties of Spirobus Carbonarius known as 'Small Shelly Fossils', appears in a range of natural colors, including: black, smoky grey and deep mocha brown.

Currently, only artists' sculptures, spheres, carved beads, pendants, massive rough slabs, tumbled nuggets, windowed pieces and limited polished tablets are available from our mine-studio near Castle Rock, Colorado.


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