The Rarest Black Calcite Source ...
A few of the Shamanite offerings available .... call for specialty pieces, bulk nuggets and additional ordering information.

 Inky Black Shamanite SKULL BEADS. Exquisitely carved, delightful expressions. Use in your own jewelry designs, earrings or malas. Call Charlie for current prices. (dependant upon seasonal Shamanite finds) Limited supply, Summer 2011.


Black Calcite/Shamanite.A Pacific Northwest artist's inspired interpretation of a beautiful subject. One of a kind. $450.USD Only 1 pair left.

JEWELRY BY TERRY SCHIEFER of Kirin Pacific,Fukuoka,Japan.

Double-strand of intricately-carved Shamanite beads,patterned after Victorian "mourning jewelry" -- with golden brown freshwater pearls and 22K gold vermeil. Traditionally worn to remember a lost beloved. $475 USD. Item location: Japan.

Shamanite/Black Calcite nuggets,small polished slices and specimens with a polished window.   Perfect for lapidary, curio shops and crystal collectors. Nuggets from $4.+. Slices and specimens from $35 to $300 USD.

 Call Charlie for info and size desired. If we have it ready, it can be yours within a week!
Hefty Shamanite rough tubes, slabs and tablets in a variety of sizes for serious lapidary collectors. Directly from our privately-owned wilderness site. Contact Charlie or Terry for details.From $200 - $5000 USD. This #16 lb example sold for $3800.
Black and smoky Grey and Mocha beads, various mm. Perfect! Many with visible paleo-fossils and spiral shells.  Smooth, handcarved rosettes, skulls and Victorian-style "mourning" beads. Great prices for this rare material. Contact Charlie with requests.
Shamanite Black Dolphin charm/pendant with 925 sterling silver finding. Reserve yours now. Only $22. Out of stock/ back-ordered.

"Medium to Extra-Large SHAMANITE SPHERES"

Large and heavy Black Calcite/Shamanite 70mm spheres. No two alike -- Paleozoic shells randomly visible. Fascinating material...must be seen! $1200-1400. USD.

Holiday special!  Perfect 30 mm black and smoky-black spheres for incredibly affordable price. Quantities limited.

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